Friday, September 5, 2008

35 week appointment

My appointment went really well today. I gained one pound and my blood pressure was perfect, Dr. Hood said I was doing great. We talked about losing my mucous plug and he felt around my belly and said Brennan's head was still floating which means she hasn't descended into the birth canal yet. Good news! He did say that if I were to go into labor they would give me meds to try to stop it. I'll be 36 weeks on Sunday so that is still 4 weeks from my due date and if I were to deliver, Brennan would spend some time in the NICU. So I'm praying that she just stays put a little longer. I asked him if I could attempt a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) if I go into labor before the 25th and he said absolutely! I was so excited to hear that because a lot of doctors would rather just do the c-section. He said there would be certain circumstances though that we would go straight to a c-section which I understand, I don't want to put Brennan in any danger.

The other night I was sitting down and had to lean over to pick up something off the floor. It really hurt and I told Stephen that I felt like I was crushing her little head. Ethan overheard and said, "Mommy are you crushing her brain?" He looked a little worried. I told him no that she was fine but it just hurt me when I bent over, he's already looking out for his little sister. Poor thing, I have to remember that he's listening even when I think he's not.

Brennan's room is completely done now!! I will have to take some pictures this weekend and post them.

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Julie said...

Wow - she'll be here so soon!! Jamie will be out of town the next 3 weeks, but should be home for us to visit the weekend after the 25th...if Brennan stays put that long!

I kept meaning to take photos of Kaylee's closet before her arrival, but never got around to it. Pretty much looked like Brennan's does...of course now we already have a storage bin full of stuff she's outgrown! :'( Growing up toooooo fast!!