Wednesday, September 29, 2010

2nd Birthday!

Saturday was Brennan's 2nd birthday. I just can't believe that she's already two, I wish I could stop time and keep her at this age. I love this age when they are so sweet and love to be snuggled. I love watching her learn and discover new things and the excitement comes with it.

We had planned on having her birthday party at a park close by but since she had a cold and was wheezing earlier in the week (also factor in the bad air quality) the doctor said it would be best to have the party indoors. So we just had a party at our house. We had decided to keep it small this year and invited close friends and family. Gammi, Poppy, Memaw, Papaw, Michelle, Trinity, Cooper, Jason, Kimberly, Ryker, Taylor, Holly & Mike all came. Brennan got some wonderful gifts, she got some new clothes, books, a Barbie Car, a Barbie carrying case, play food for her kitchen, a Critter Clinic, birthday party cake set and a Barbie trike. Brennan gave us a little fashion show after the party. She had to try on every single piece of new clothing she got!! All her toys were a hit, she has played with them every single day.

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