Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Beach Vacation

A few weeks ago we went on a week long beach vacation. We rented a beach house with Jason, Kimberly, Ryker, Julie, Jamie & Kaylee. This was Brennan's second beach trip but when we went last year she was about to turn a year old and wasn't walking. I knew this year it would be completely different and I couldn't wait to see how she reacted. The minute she stepped foot on the sand she loved it! She loved playing in the sand and she loved swimming in the ocean. One of us would have to hold her because she doesn't have a life jacket and her swimmies wouldn't work well. She would stay in the ocean all day if we let her. It's so funny because when we go swimming at a pool she stays in for about 5 minutes and then starts saying, "done, done". I don't think she ever said "done" when she was in the ocean.

One night we went to dinner at Pompano Joe's and afterward we went to a place called The Track. They have rides for the kids like swings, a train, a carousel. Brennan loved everything that she was able to ride. I think the swings were her favorite (she rode twice) and she was so cute and still when she was riding. When all the kids finished their rides we went to ride go karts. Brennan wasn't tall enough to ride so they wouldn't allow her on, she was so upset. She even had on her high heels and still wasn't tall enough. So her & I stood by the fence and watched everyone else race. I hated to see the disappointment on her face every time she saw Stephen or Ethan riding by.

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