Monday, March 30, 2009

She's 6 months old already!

Last Wednesday Brennan turned 6 months old. I can't believe that she is already half a year old, time has flown by way too fast. She's still nursing like a champ and I'm so excited that we have made it 6 months. I have started giving her oatmeal mixed with applesauce and she loves it! She leans into the spoon and opens her mouth wide. Later this week I'm going to give her carrots, I figured it was probably the best veggie to start with. She still doesn't have any teeth but it seems like any day one will pop through, she is chewing on everything!

She is so close to sitting up on her own. Last week I put her on the floor and she sat up (leaning forward on her hands) for a long time. She's also starting to interact with us more. Just this evening she was making a funny noise and I did it right back. She looked at me, smiled and then made the noise again. We kept going back and forth for a while, it was so cute!

And here is a cute picture of Brennan with her favorite big brother.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Bath time

Ethan has been asking for a long time to take a bath with Brennan. I've been a little hesitant because she is still in a bath seat and there wouldn't be a lot of room for Ethan. Last night Stephen was going to get home late and I had to bathe both kids. So I bathed Ethan first and then let him stay in the tub while I bathed Brennan. When I finished with her I took her out of her seat and held her in the bath tub. Ethan loved having her in there and he played cars with her. Then Brennan discovered splashing in the water! Ethan was laughing at her and then she would laugh. About half way through bath time Stephen came home and was able to take some cute pictures.

(I have posted this same exact post on Ethan's blog so if you read both you are not seeing things. :) When they get older I want them to have copies of their own blogs so from time to time there may be some duplicates.)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

First Trip

Last Thursday Brennan got to go on her first out-of-town trip, we went to visit my parents. She did great on the trip up, she slept for about 4 hours of the trip. When she was awake she was in the back playing with her toys, looking out the window or smiling at Ethan. At my parents she slept awesome in the pack 'n play, I was worried since she just recently started sleeping in her crib. On Friday we went to lunch with my mom and went by her office so all her friends could see the kids. Ethan didn't want all those women doting on him but Brennan didn't seem to mind at all. She didn't have a problem being passed around and kept giving all kinds of smiles. After lunch we went to my brother's house for a little while and then pretty much stayed at my parents house until we left on Saturday. On the ride home Brennan screamed some, not crying screaming but a "get me out of here" scream. I think she was tired of being strapped in the car seat. She did sleep the last half of the trip and when we got home she went straight to bed for the night, she was exhausted!