Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's a . . .

!!!!!!! We are in absolute shock. We saw the "hamburger" four times so we're pretty certain there won't be any surprises at the delivery. Ethan is excited and loved looking at her pictures (with a smile on his face!). Everything else looks good, we saw her heart, kidneys, spine etc. The ultrasound tech switched it over to 4D and caught this picture. She really wasn't supposed to give us a copy of the picture but she couldn't help herself.

We've decided her name is going to be Brennan but we haven't picked out a middle name yet. Brennan is my paternal grandmother's maiden name so it is special to us. I've always been close to her so there was no question that our baby girl would be named after her. She is a strong and caring woman and I hope Baby Brennan will be just like her.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Belly Shot & Ethan Funny

This is the latest belly shot (20 weeks). I feel like I've gained a lot more this month than previous months. I can definitely see it in my face now which is not surprising. I remember seeing pictures of my mom when she was pregnant and her face always got fat too (we do have those Fouts cheeks!) Maybe I can get her to scan in a picture of herself for comparison.

The baby has been kicking a lot lately. I think we may have a boxer or kick boxer on our hands!! Stephen actually got to feel the baby move last week which is earlier than when I was pregnant with Ethan, he was really excited. It's still hard for Ethan to feel the baby kick but I'm sure in the coming weeks the kicks will get stronger and he'll be able to feel them. I was sitting on the couch tonight and the baby was kicking like crazy and Ethan saw my belly jump. He thought that was pretty funny! Before he went to bed he was trying to feel the baby kick and was rubbing my belly to get the baby moving. Then he started talking to the baby but he was talking straight into my bellybutton. I told him he didn't have to talk into my bellybutton in order for the baby to hear him. He looked at me and said, "But it's like a microphone."

One week from today we'll know what the gender of the baby is!!! If you haven't voted yet please do so. The poll is located in the top left of this blog. I'll post what we find out as soon as I can on Wednesday!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Baby's first concert

Stephen, Jason, Kimberly & I went to see Bon Jovi at Phillips Arena last Thursday, May 1. Daughtry was their opening band and all I have to say is the concert was awesome!! I was really looking forward to Chris Daughtry and he put on a really good show, I would love to see him again at a smaller venue. I was a Bon Jovi fan back in the day but I really don't know a lot of their newer stuff. They put on a great show and played for over 2 hours. When I was pregnant with Ethan I went to a couple of concerts (but I was further along) and he kicked me a lot during both shows. He actually likes both of those bands now, so maybe that is saying something. Since it's earlier for this pregnancy I really didn't feel the baby kick much but maybe he/she will be a Daughtry/Bon Jovi fan later in life!!