Monday, November 30, 2009

Growing up way to fast

I can't believe how fast Brennan is growing up. On Oct 19th she took her first steps. She would occasionally take steps but preferred crawling until 2 weeks ago. Over a couple of days she started walking more & more. Then all of a sudden she was walking everywhere!! We love it! It's the cutest thing to watch her walk. Ethan loves to take her hand and walk around the house with her, it's adorable.

Brennan is also saying a bunch of words. She can say: Mama, Dada, Bubba (aka brother), Papa, Grammi, Grandpa, Grandma, book, bye bye, good girl, doggie, woof woof, more, hi and hello. I feel like I'm missing a couple too. She loves to look at pictures. Every time you pick her up she points to pictures and we tell her who is in the picture. I swear we do this 100x/day. She also loves to look at books and loves to be read to. When I sit on the floor she'll go get a book, bring it to me and sit in my lap while I read it. When I'm done she'll get up, go get another book and bring it back.

The other night we went to Chick-Fil-A for milkshakes. I gave Brennan some in her own cup. Once she took one sip she couldn't stop. I'm glad I didn't give her a lot! She was so cute drinking that milkshake that I had to take pictures!

Here are some pictures from Thanksgiving Day:

Monday, November 23, 2009


I was so excited for Halloween this year. I couldn't wait to pick out Brennan's costume. At first I wanted her to be a lady bug but the store was out of them. So we decided on a witch, it was the cutest witch costume that I have ever seen. I couldn't wait for Brennan to wear it.

The weekend before Halloween, Sterling on the Lake had a Pumpkin Festival. All the kids were encouraged to dressed up because they were going to have a Costume Parade. So we dress her up and she was so cute! Her witch hat was almost too small but we managed to keep it on her for a few minutes while we took pictures. We went to the Pumpkin Festival and met Gammi & Poppy there. It was a really cold day so we had Brennan in her stroller most of the time bundled up with a blanket. When it was time for the parade the kids & I went and got in line. We couldn't keep Brennan's hat on because it was too windy.

A few days before Halloween we decided to carve our pumpkin. Ethan's favorite part is picking out which face Stephen will cut out. He doesn't really like cleaning out the pumpkin. Not Brennan, she was putting her hands all in it! After we cleaned it all out I told Stephen to put her in the pumpkin, she wasn't so sure about that.

On Halloween we put her in her costume again and we all went to Publix to trick-or-treat with The Lee's. Then afterwards we went to The Lowe's to trick-or-treat in their neighborhood. I didn't take Brennan door to door, we just walked around with Ethan. When we got back Kimberly took some pictures of Brennan in her costume and they turned out really cute. In one pic it looks like she's posing . . .

Ethan & Brennan getting ready to go trick-or-treating

Here are some pictures we took before we dressed the kids up. We all had our Halloween shirts on.