Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Brennan's 1st Birthday

I am still in shock that our baby girl is a year old. I can't believe how fast the past year has flown by and how much she has grown. On Friday (her actual birthday) I made cupcakes with chocolate icing so she could have something on her birthday. My brother & nephew were already in town so they got to celebrate with us. I put her in her chair and she started crying. As soon as I brought out the cupcake the tears stopped instantly. She dug into that cupcake so fast and I think she ate it in 3 seconds! After she got the cupcake all over her we gave her a bath and then let her open her presents from us. She was excited to rip the paper off the presents, it was so fun to watch. We bought her a cute little outfit that came with a matching purse and a tea set. She picked up the tea cup and put it to her mouth like she was drinking it! I'm sure we'll be having lots of tea parties!!

On Saturday we had her birthday party. It was a huge success and we had 41 people at our house. We had the party from 11:30-2p. I chose that time because that is one of her happiest times of the days (except for when she wakes up in the morning but I didn't think anyone wanted to be here for a party at 7a!). We made BBQ pork & chicken for lunch and it came out awesome. After lunch we let Brennan open her presents. She got some really cute outfits, books, toys, a baby doll, a stroller that is also a walker and a princess car. I don't want to offend anyone that gave her a present but the princess car is her favorite. It is the first toy she goes to when she wakes up everyday. She has even used it as a ladder. The other day Stephen & I were in the kitchen making lunch and Brennan was playing in the living room. Stephen looked up to check on her and she was sitting on the ottoman. She had pushed her princess car next to the ottoman, stood on it and climbed up on the ottoman. Yes, she is our monkey and trouble maker!! :)

After presents we let her eat her cake. She had her very own cake and got really excited when we pulled it out. She had it all over her and was rubbing it in her hands like lotion. I had her wear her Birthday Girl shirt so it would get dirty. I thought it would be cute to keep it and when she gets older I could pull it out and show her how stained it was. I washed the shirt 2 days after the party and it came out completely clean, I couldn't believe it. She had cake and icing everywhere on that shirt. Oh well, we have plenty of pictures to show!

On Sunday, we went to Canton to visit my grandmother. Since my grandfather passed away she has been in a home and there was no way she could be at the party on Saturday. I decided that we would go up there and have a little party with her. I brought the leftover cupcakes from Friday and I let Brennan have one again. My grandmother couldn't believe I was letting her get it everywhere but I think she enjoyed watching her eat that cupcake. It was a bittersweet day, I was glad to be able to spend time with my Granny but was also sad that my Granddaddy wasn't there. I'm sure he was looking down on us though.

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Vacation '09

A couple of weeks ago we went to the beach for our summer vacation. This was Brennan's first time at the beach. I wasn't sure how she would react to the sand. The first time Ethan went he was 9 months old and he hated the sand. Well, Brennan loved it! Not only did she eat a few fistfuls but she had no problem crawling in the sand and getting it all over her. One day I was sitting in my beach chair (which is low to the ground) and she decided she wanted to crawl underneath it. She literally had her face in the sand and didn't care a bit. She had a great time exploring the beach and destroying the sand castles. Every time we would walk out onto the beach she was practically jumping out of my arms to get down.

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It's hard to believe that in less than two weeks she will be one! Where has the past year gone? We are really excited for her party and to celebrate with all our family & friends. I can't wait to see her dig into the cake, I know she is going to love it!!

On Labor Day, Gammi, Poppy, Memaw & Papaw came to visit. We were able to get the kids to take a couple of pictures with their great-grandparents (and it was no easy feat!). Brennan was crying in some of the pictures and Ethan was pouting in some (he didn't want his picture taken) but we finally got a cute one! They won't be able to be at Brennan's birthday party so they brought her presents. Memaw & Papaw bought her a cute little dress for winter. Gammi & Poppy bought her a cute dress for the spring and some touch & feel books. She loves books and especially the touch & feel ones!