Friday, January 15, 2010

15 month checkup

Last week Brennan had her 15 month checkup. She weighed 23 lbs 12 oz (65th percentile) and was 31 1/2" long (80th percentile). She had to have 3 shots and a TB test. She already has a fear of the doctor's office so getting shots is not easy for her. She screamed her head off, I tried singing to her which usually calms her down but it didn't. She was not happy at all, she cried all the way to the car. On the way she noticed the keys in my hand and grabbed them. Suddenly she was happy!! So I put her in her carseat and let her play with the keys to her heart's content. I had a bunch of paperwork from the doctor so I laid it in the front seat while I packed up the stroller. It was a windy (and cold) day and when the wind blew some of my paperwork blew out of the car. I had to run around the parking lot to get it. Once I got it all back in the car I closed the doors. I went to the back to put the stroller in and when that was done I went to get in the car. I pulled on the handle and the doors were locked. I felt my back pocket for my keys and they weren't there. I then remembered that Brennan had them, in the car, with her. OMG! I looked into her window and she was there having the best time playing with my keys. I stood there looking at her for a minute hoping she would press the unlock button but she kept pressing the button just below it. Then she realized that I was looking at her and she got excited and threw the keys down. I started to panic and thank God I had my cell phone on me (my purse was already in the car). I called Stephen to see what I could do. He was in Marietta so there was no way for him to help me but I thought he would give me something brilliant that I would never think of. Of course, what is there to do? By this time I'm crying so I hang up with him and called my sister. She works 10 minutes from our house so I thought she could go get my extra key and bring it to me. Well she wasn't at her regular office that day but she was leaving to go back to her office and could go by the house on her way. I told her ok. I was standing outside in the freezing cold hoping my sister would get there soon but she was 15 minutes from my house and then another 20 to the doctor's office. I called my mom (who lives in TN, like she'll be able to do anything but I guess I needed the moral support) and I'm crying and telling her what happened. By this time Brennan is in the car screaming crying and I feel so bad. I asked my mom if I should call the police so she looked up the number for me. I call the police station and I get transferred. The phone rings and rings and rings. So I hang up and call back, the lady tells me not to hang up. The phone rang at least 30 times so I hung up again and called back. This time she explains to me that she has been transferring me to 911 but it puts me in the back of the line (behind all the real emergencies) and that I should not hang up. Finally someone answers and I tell them what happened. She said they would send someone right away. Not two minutes later I hear sirens but I didn't think it was for me, it had to be a coincidence. But no, here comes the firetruck with sirens blazing. That humiliated me even more than I already was. The firemen were able to get in the car in about 5 minutes and as soon as the door opened I started crying again and hugged my baby girl. So not only did she have to have 3 shots she got locked in my car for 30 minutes (and I failed to mention it was lunchtime). I hope I haven't scarred her for the rest of her life. We left, went through the drive-thru for some food and had to go straight to Ethan's school to pick him up. I kept thinking the entire time that she was locked in the car that I was going to be late picking Ethan up and then he would be at school crying and wondering where I was at. It was a day I hope to never have to re-live.