Friday, August 8, 2008

Baby Shower

This past Saturday my sister, Kimberly & Julie gave me a family baby shower. Brennan will now be clothed for the first year of her life!! I've never seen so many girl clothes and nothing was duplicated. Stephen's mom, Gammi, had two gift bags filled with clothes. She's been waiting for a baby girl for 33 years so needless to say she was excited! My mom bought a lot of outfits too but also went into the attic and pulled out any clothing of mine from childhood. I call them Brennan's vintage clothes! Now there are a few things that I don't think I'll put her in but there are quite a few that will be cute. Brennan also got a couple of pairs of shoes, a couple of bracelets and a few dolls. Then also some practical stuff like diapers, onesies, crib sheets etc. My friend, Lisa, made letters to spell Brennan's name so we can hang them over her crib. They are beautiful and I'm forever grateful to Lisa to have put in so much time & effort. We are getting ready to hang them up soon!!

Click here to see the pictures.

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