Thursday, September 25, 2008

Brennan Marie Lowe

Brennan made her entrance today at 12:44p, she weighs 8 lbs and is 20 1/2" long. She has a lot more hair than I expected and I hope she'll keep it. Everything went well and I now have my tubes tied.

Ethan came to see her as soon as they put me in recovery. He only stayed for a few minutes because they had to take her up to the nursery. I was in recovery for 3 hours because there are so many people here having babies and they didn't have a room ready. Once I got in my room Ethan, my parents, brother & sister all came up. Stephen went down to the van to get our things and while he was gone E said he wanted to hold Brennan. I told him he would have to wait for Daddy to get back. As soon as Stephen came in the room Ethan got down from my bed and went over to the chair. He held her for a long time, he just sat there and looked at her and talked to her. He gave her the present he picked out a couple of weeks ago which was a pink giraffe. Whenever she would cry he would take her giraffe to her. At one point Stephen, my dad and my sister all were taking pictures of her and Ethan told them to stop because it was too bright! He's already so protective of her!! We've already taken a million pics and Stephen posted them on the web, here's the link


Julie said...

Brennan is so cute, and Ethan is adorable holding her and being protective already! I actually expected way more pictures, though...hah!! We are really looking forward to meeting her soon!!

Anonymous said...

Finally-- we get a chance to see her!! She's BEAUTIFUL !!!
Stephen, did you know that she was born at the exact same time you were, at 12:44??
We are all so Blessed!!
We can't wait to get there and hold her- in a few days!!
We love you all-- congrats!!
Love & thanks to Jerry & Theresa for taking good care of you all til we get back.
Much Love, Gammi and Poppy !!!

Kimberly said...

stephen and steph she is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I can't believe we are not there to hold her! I love the picture of Ethan holding her with the pink boppy pillow. Give E a kiss for us and Brennan too. Tell E Ryker now says he wants a baby sista.. Take care and we will see you on Saturday! Love you all,
J,K and Ryker T

Angela said...

Congrats, Stephanie! She's a cutie. Ethan sounds like a perfect big brother! I am so happy for all of you.