Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Brennan update

Yesterday was Brennan's first visit to her pediatrician's office. She did wonderful! She has gained 2 oz since Saturday so she now weighs 7 lbs 8 oz. We have to take her in on Friday for a weight check and the doctor said she would like her to gain 3 oz by then, we'll see what we can do! She's nursing like a champ so I don't think she'll have a problem gaining those 3 oz.

Everything at home is going great. Brennan sleeps most of the day and we really enjoy those few moments when she's awake. Ethan finds it hysterical for some reason when she has her eyes open and looks around. He is truly amazed and entertained by her. He also likes to hold her quite a few times a day and if he leaves to go somewhere she is the first person he says bye to. This morning as he was leaving for school he came in and kissed her on the head and said, "Bye, bye baby girl." It just made my heart melt.

My mom is enjoying her time here with us. She has been a HUGE help to us, I'm so glad she was able to take a week off of work to be here with us. We will definitely be sad to see her leave on Saturday. :( My dad will be coming in on Friday so he'll get to spend a little more time with Brennan before they leave for their vacation on Saturday. Stephen's parents get back from their cruise next Monday so they'll finally get to see their granddaughter sometime next week. I'm sure this will be the first time they will ever say they were looking forward to the end of vacation!! :)

I'll try to update again on Friday after Brennan's weight check.


Julie said...

Aww - Ethan is so sweet, his "by bye baby girl" made me tear up. Such a good brother already!!

Glad to hear she's doing so well!!

Angela said...

Stephanie, she's absolutely adorable!

Stephanie said...

Thanks Angela!

Julie said...

How did today's (Fri) doc's appointment/weight check go? Hope she's still doing well! Love all the updates!