Saturday, October 4, 2008

Weight Check

We took Brennan in yesterday for her weight check and she gained 2.5 oz!! The doctor was pleased and said we don't need to come back until her 1 month check-up. Everything is still going well. For the last two nights it has been hard to get her to fall asleep but she sleeps well once she gets to sleep. We had to say bye to my Mom this morning which was really hard. She was a huge help for the past week and a half. We are so grateful that she was able to come stay with us and help out, we all are going to miss her tremendously.

(I took this picture because every afternoon Grammi would hold Brennan while I napped. They enjoyed this time together!)


Julie said...

Great news about Brennan! Sorry your mom has to go. :-(

Angela said...

I know you're busy and all with a new baby...but you've been tagged!!! :)