Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We'll miss you Granddaddy

On January 19, 2009 we suffered a great loss. Brennan's great-grandfather (my grandfather) unexpectedly passed away, it was a shock to my entire family. He was a good man, everyone that ever got to know him loved him. He was always telling jokes and smiling.

He absolutely adored Brennan. Just 20 days before he passed away his last sibling passed away. He wanted me to go to his brother's funeral (which was in Tifton, GA) so he could show off Brennan. At first I was hesitant because at the time Brennan did not like being in the car but at the last minute I decided to go, I'm so glad I did! He proudly showed to her his relatives (and Ethan too!).

Just a few weeks before his passing we were over at their house and my grandmother was holding Brennan (which she loves to do!) and my grandfather came over and started talking to Brennan. She was giving him the biggest smiles! At the time she didn't smile much to anyone other than me, Stephen & Ethan. That entire day she would smile at him whenever he would talk to her. I saw the excitement it brought to him and I will forever cherish that memory. One of my aunts told me that he was talking about Brennan just hours before he died.

It saddens me that she will never get to know him or know first hand how much he loved her but I will do my best to tell her about him and let her know how much he loved her.

I didn't get too many pictures of him with Brennan but here are the ones I have:


Angela said...

Aww, Stephanie. I am so sorry for your loss.

Mommy said...

Your posts made me cry. But I'm so glad Brennan & Ethan brought him so much joy! They are great kids.

Stephanie said...

Thanks Angela.

Stephanie said...

Michelle - I was crying while typing the posts and looking at the pictures again. I'm going to miss him a lot!

Julie said...

So sad - crying over here, too. Those are some great pictures; he couldn't even take his eyes off her for a photo.