Friday, March 13, 2009

Bath time

Ethan has been asking for a long time to take a bath with Brennan. I've been a little hesitant because she is still in a bath seat and there wouldn't be a lot of room for Ethan. Last night Stephen was going to get home late and I had to bathe both kids. So I bathed Ethan first and then let him stay in the tub while I bathed Brennan. When I finished with her I took her out of her seat and held her in the bath tub. Ethan loved having her in there and he played cars with her. Then Brennan discovered splashing in the water! Ethan was laughing at her and then she would laugh. About half way through bath time Stephen came home and was able to take some cute pictures.

(I have posted this same exact post on Ethan's blog so if you read both you are not seeing things. :) When they get older I want them to have copies of their own blogs so from time to time there may be some duplicates.)


Anonymous said...

Absolutely too precious for words!
Loving playing in the water is definately genetic!!
Love, Gammi & Poppy

Angie said...

Cute! Maggie is totally ready to take a bath with Joshua.