Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Visit With Santa

I'm so behind on blogging it's not even funny. On Dec 5th we took the kids to see Santa. I wasn't sure how Brennan would react. She doesn't like Leo at church (a guy dressed as a friendly lion) she is terrified of him. But we have to get the kids pictures taken with Santa, right? So we went to Discover Mills and found Santa. We stood in line for a while and I kept trying to point him out to her. I wanted her to see him with other kids, etc. Every time I tried to point him out she would look at something else. Well our turn came and we let Ethan go talk to him first and have his picture taken. Then I wanted a picture of both kids with Santa. I put her down in his lap and for about 20 seconds she was ok. At least they were able to get a picture! I really wanted her to have a picture with him alone but she wasn't having it so I sat next to Santa and held her in my lap. Ethan has never been scared of Santa so this was all new to me. I guess one kid has to have that fear!

When I got all the Christmas stuff out Brennan had a blast going through all of it. She found our Santa hat and tried to put it on. I put it on her head and of course had to take a few shots.

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