Thursday, February 18, 2010

Best Friend

Last week Brennan's best friend, Trinity, came over to play while her mommy went to an appointment. Sometimes Trinity likes to show Brennan just how much she loves her by wrestling with her. This usually gets Brennan really mad and she starts crying, she never fights back though. Michelle & Nathan (Trinity's parents) always apologize and feel bad when this happens but we kind of laugh it off and say one day Brennan will get her back. So when Trinity was over I was sitting on the floor playing with them and Trinity came over to me. I scooped her up and gave her a big hug. Then Brennan looked up and saw what I was doing and started crying. She came walking over to us and hit Trinity. I was shocked! She does have a jealous bone when someone else is hugging her Mommy but she has never hit anyone. So now it seems like we'll have to break up fights between these girls and I always thought it would be Ethan & his friends who would physically fight.

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Julie said...

Sorry, but that made me laugh. Luckily Kaylee's hitting stage didn't last too long and she mostly just hit me (oh, joy) but she does love to torment her "best friend" (as they called each other last week) Erin. Erin is the one who just takes it or starts crying, even though she's 8 months older - I keep hoping she'll fight back against Kaylee! As for jealousy, Kaylee still hates it when I hold another kid - runs over and tries to get me to either hold her also or put the other one down and hold just her (her preference). Keep hoping that one goes away soon, yikes. Good luck!! :) :)