Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter 2010

We spent this Easter at Grammi & Papa's (my parents) house for the first time ever. It's been about 6 months since we last went to visit. The kids & I headed up on Thursday after picking Ethan up from school. We made it there without even stopping once which is a miracle with two kids! Plus, Brennan only slept 20 minutes the entire ride. I fortunately brought enough snacks & toys to keep her entertained.

On Friday, we didn't do much. My mom had the day off so we got to spend some extra time with her! We went out to lunch with one of her friends and she gave the kids a little Easter present. She gave Brennan a lamb, she just hugged & hugged that lamb! That was her sweet side but the other side showed up too. She actually had to go into time out at the restaurant. She kept putting her feet on the table and after a couple of warnings I had to put her in timeout. I'm sure we were a spectacle but consistency is the key. Friday afternoon my mom & I went through my grandmother's costume jewelry, she had a ton of beaded necklaces. My mom wasn't going to wear them but she thought Brennan would love them. When Brennan woke up from her nap we showed them to her and she wanted to wear them all! This girl loves jewelry!!!!

On Saturday we took the kids to an Easter egg hunt at my parents church. They had a toddler area so Brennan wasn't having to hunt eggs with bigger kids. She was so cute trying to get eggs. She got about 4 eggs and she was happy as a lark. She would open them but could have cared less about what was inside. She was just happy to open & close the eggs. After the hunt we took some pictures of the kids. Brennan wasn't too cooperative but at least we were able to get some good pics. The Easter Bunny showed up after the hunt was over and as soon as Brennan saw her she went running to her. She used to be afraid of anyone in a costume but apparently she's gotten over that, she even got upset when I took her from the Easter Bunny. After the hunt we went back to my parents house to have lunch and for Brennan to take her nap. My mom stayed home with her while my dad & I went to pick up Stephen from the airport.

Sunday morning we woke up and the kids looked for their Easter baskets. Brennan's was hidden under an end table, she walked past it twice before she finally saw it. She loved all her goodies! We then went to church with my parents. Ethan & Brennan stayed in the nursery while we went to the service. She did amazingly well considering she had never been there before. That afternoon after we ate a big Easter lunch my mom, brother & I hid eggs for the kids. The kids had a great time hunting eggs.

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Julie said...

I love the photo of Brennan & Ethan in their coordinating Easter outfits, and the family photo is a great one, too! Sounds like the kids had a great Easter!