Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Little Helper

Brennan has become quite the little helper around the house. Yesterday I was vacuuming the den and I put all her toys up on the couch to get them out of the way. After I finished vacuuming, Brennan started pulling everything off the couch and putting it back in its place. It was so cute and so very smart of her.

Then tonight I went to the grocery store and when I came home she helped me unload all the bags. I thought she would be done after a bag or two but she just kept unloading. She even tried to pick up a gallon of milk but it was too heavy for her so she just dragged the bag over to me. Maybe next week she'll help me mop!

And this picture is just because. Gammi & Poppy came over the other night and Brennan was being so sweet to Poppy.

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Unknown said...

What happened to Baby Brennan? She looks so grown up, makes Grammi sad.