Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Go Gladiators!

The four of us went to see the Gwinnett Gladiators play Monday night. Stephen's company has season tickets and no one was using them so we decided to go. It was a bit risky since that is usually Brennan's fussy time but we thought we would try it out and see what happened. The evening was quite a success! Brennan was an absolute angel and Ethan did great too, we actually got to stay for most of the game. It was nice to get out, do something we enjoy and spend some time together.


Julie said...

Awesome!! Glad you're getting out and had a great time!!

Julie said...

So I just looked at this post again, and in the photo of the 4 of y'all in the stadium, it looks like Stephen, Steph & Brennan with a cardboard cutout of Ethan propped up in front. It doesn't look so much like that in the big image (if you click on the photo), but in the smaller one it does. Something to do with the flash, etc...just thought it was funny. :-D