Sunday, October 31, 2010

Birthday Party #2

My parents were on vacation the week before Brennan's birthday and I told them they shouldn't come to GA for her birthday party. My sister had another commitment so she couldn't make it either. So, we decided since we were going to be in Tennessee we would have a small birthday party for her with just my family. We had the party on Sunday before we had to leave to go home. My mom made a big lunch so while it was cooking we let Brennan open her presents. Grammi & Papa gave her a big My Little Pony and a cute monkey. Aunt Kerri & Uncle Carl gave her The Little Mermaid on DVD, a couple of coloring books and a bed for her babies. She was excited about all her presents and had to have them opened immediately.

After we ate lunch and let it settle we had cake & ice cream. Grammi & Papa bought Brennan a cake that was shaped like a dog. It was really cute to watch Brennan check out the cake and watch all of us as we sang Happy Birthday. Then she dove into her cake & ice cream as soon as she could!

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