Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Brennan wanted to be a Butterfly Fairy for Halloween. When we went to pick out her costume she ran straight to it and never looked at anything else, she fell in love with the skirt immediately. So when she finally got to wear it she was so excited. Our Publix had trick-or-treating last night so we dressed the kids up and took them. They had face painting and lots of games to play. Brennan wasn't so sure about the face painting at first and the flower she got was cute. She tried to play every game and of course wanted to do it on her own.

Saturday night we carved our pumpkin and Brennan was all about cleaning out the pumpkin. She would say she was "getting out the guts". I knew she wouldn't have a problem getting dirty.

Tonight we went trick-or-treating at our friends neighborhood. Their neighbor has a tractor & trailer so he makes a hayride for all the kids every year. We had so much fun and Brennan loved getting candy. I even got her to say "trick-or-treat" a few times. Towards the end she was a little tired and opted to sit in the trailer so she could eat candy.

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