Sunday, October 31, 2010

Weekend of Fun

Last weekend we went to my parents house. We left on Thursday afternoon so by the time we arrived in TN it was almost bedtime. The kids got to play with Grammi & Papa for a little while and then they went to bed.

On Friday morning after breakfast Papa & Ethan went outside and raked some leaves into a huge pile. Brennan went outside and Ethan showed her how to jump in the leaves. She didn't quite jump she would just sit down. Dusty was out there playing with one of his tennis balls and Brennan wanted it. As soon as he set it down she grabbed it and if she dropped it he would pick it up immediately. One time she sat in front of him just waiting for him to let go of it so she could have it. We were cracking up!

Later that morning we went to a local park with a picnic lunch. The kids had a great time playing on the playground. After lunch we went and rode these small trains that went through the park. The trains don't run very often so we were excited to be able to ride this time. When Brennan first saw the train she said, "ride train, ride train". She has started to like trains and even watches Thomas the Train when she can.

That evening we were excited to have Uncle Eric & Evan come and eat dinner with us. After dinner Aunt Kerri & Uncle Carl arrived. It was nice to have our entire family together. Before bedtime Evan & Brennan had to have a breathing treatment so we had to take a picture of them. Evan gets the treatments twice a day and we gave Brennan one because she had a cold and we wanted to avoid wheezing.

Saturday morning we got up and headed out to a pumpkin patch or as Brennan says, "punkin patch". There were mazes, animals, a playground and a hayride. The first thing we did was a small maze. Brennan, Ethan & Evan guided us through the maze and did a great job. The hayride was fun and Brennan enjoyed seeing the cows and their babies.

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